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ALISS Roof Rack Fitting Guide

Follow the guide below on how to install your new Aliss Roof Rack to your van. Find some images below of some Roof Racks we've fitted here. 


Once you've received your new Roof Rack, unwrap it carefully set out the pieces.

aliss fitting 027.JPG

Make sure the side rails are positioned correctly (even and level with the rear doors)


Remove the original bungs from your vehicles fitting points on the roof.

aliss fitting 034 (2).JPG

Position the cross bars onto the side rails using the top hats supplied, with M8 x 20 Coach bolt either side of the bar securing  with an M8 Gripnut.

aliss fitting 011 (2).JPG

Fit the supplies feet to the roof of your vehicle, using the supplies fixings. Use the instructions sent with your Roof Rack. Make sure any pressed letters face outwards, do up finger-tight until final fit. 


Line up the bars evenly. When you're satisfied, begin to tighten all fixings. 


Fit the side rails using M8 x 20 Coach bolts with the non-slotted side to the outside of the van. Secure with M8 Gripnuts. Do up finger tight. 


Secure all fasteners M6 fixings to 7nm and M8 to 17nm. And finally fit black bungs to the ends.

Always check your fixings regularly.

Fitted Roof Racks

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